Re-Pop aims to offer Certified Refurbished Yellowpop LED Neon Wall Art to consumers, at a discount from traditional Yellowpop retail prices.The goal of Re-Pop is to get customers to trade-in and trade-up.
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Trade-In and Trade-Up
What is the condition of your LED Neon?
Do the LED Neon lights still work?
Do you still have the original power supply?
So you still have the original box?
Do you have a box to ship your LED Neon to Yellowpop, or do you need Yellowpop to provide you with a shipping box?
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Once Yellowpop receives all of this information, they will grade the condition of the wall art and offer the customer a trade-in value. If the customer accepts, then either the customer will ship the used Yellowpop LED Neon to Yellowpop in the original box, or Yellowpop will ship the customer a box to use, to ship the LED Neon back to Yellowpop. Either way, Yellowpop will provide the customer with a UPS Shipping label.
Once Yellowpop receives the LED Neon it will undergo testing at the Re-Pop testing facililty.
  • Was the original power supply included?
  • Does the LED Neon power on?
  • Are there any problems with the LED lights?
  • Is the product received any different than what was expected through the customer survey?
  • #1
    Yellowpop will send an email campaign to existing Yellowpop customers who purchased their Yellowpop LED Neon Wall Art more than 6 months ago. Yellowpop will offer the customers an opportunity to trade-in their gently used Yellowpop LED Neon Wall Art in exchange for a credit to purchase a new Yellowpop LED Neon.When a customer clicks on the email, they will be taken to the Yellowpop Re-Pop trade-in website where they will be asked a series of questions with radio buttons.
  • #2
    Yellowpop will dust and clean the LED Neon sign, replace the power supply (if needed), fix any damaged pieces as best as possible, include any missing items (if needed), repackage the item into a certified refurbished box, and offer it for sale on the Yellowpop Re-Pop website.
  • #3
    The highest price that Yellowpop will pay the customer for a used LED Neon is 50% of what the customer paid when it was brand-new. If the product is damaged, or the power supply is missing, the price will go down.
  • #4
    After the product is refurbished, Yellowpop will resell the certified refurbished LED Neon at a 20% discount from the original retail price.
    For example, if the customer paid $300, Yellowpop will buy the product back for a maximum price of $150. (Could be less if the product is damaged, or is missing the power supply.). Yellowpop will sell the Certified Refurbished Re-Pop LED Neon for $240.
  • #5
    The credit will be issued to the customer to be used on a new Yellowpop LED Neon Wall Art.
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